Product and Safety Advice

Can I use the Clarisonic in the shower/bath?

Yes! The Clarisonic devices are hermetically sealed so are fully waterproof.

Does the Clarisonic also remove eye makeup?

The Clarisonic should not be used directly on the eyes or used to remove eye makeup.

How to use your Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing Brush


If my Clarisonic is no longer charging, can I open the device and replace the battery inside the handle?

The Clarisonic devices are hermetically sealed to make them waterproof. Because of this, they cannot be opened. If your device is within its warranty period, please contact our Consumer Advisory to request a product exchange. Please read our Warranty Terms & Conditions

I have sensitive skin, can I use the Clarisonic?

Yes, Clarisonic devices are suitable for all skin types.

How do I clean my Clarisonic? Can I put the handle under the tap and wash it?

All the Clarisonic devices are waterproof and the brush heads are made of material that does not harbour bacteria. We suggest cleaning the brush head and handle with liquid soap and then rinsing under warm running water.

How to Clean Your Clarisonic Brush Heads


Additionally, if you are using your Clarisonic twice a day, we recommend changing the brush head every 3 months.

I’ve heard that when I start using the Clarisonic, I’ll break out in spots and am worried about this.

When starting to use the Clarisonic, it is possible to see some blemishes as the device cleans the skin 6 times better than a manual cleanse and may drive impurities and trapped dirt/oil/debris to the surface where they can be flushed out of pores. However, this will pass in a short period of time - similar to how your skin adjusts after having a facial.

With time, skin is transformed into a smoother, softer, radiant looking complexion.

Does the Clarisonic exfoliate the skin?

The Clarisonic is not an exfoliator - it provides a highly effective and thorough daily cleanse that will improve the appearance of the skin as a whole.

*If you use an exfoliator as part of your weekly skin care routine, please use the exfoliator on its own, not with the Clarisonic device.

I have acne/blemish-prone skin AND/OR I have very dry skin AND/OR I have a skin condition (rosacea/eczema/psoriasis, etc.), will the Clarisonic work for me?

The Clarisonic has been tested on all types of skin, including sensitive skin, and has proven to be safe and gentle. However, with any medical skin conditions, we recommend you check with your doctor or dermatologist prior to adding Clarisonic to your daily cleansing routine.