Sonic Method Defined

Clarisonic introduces the Sonic Method, a combination of patented sonic devices and state-of-the-art skincare formulas, clinically proven to amplify results of both professional treatments and daily skincare regimens for beautiful skin transformation.

Our Method, Your Skin

Clarisonic is beneficial for all skin types.

Why? Because the versatile Sonic Method is completely customizable to your personal skin concerns.

Sonic Cleansing is 6x better than manual cleansing alone, consequently enhancing the absorption of skin care products. How? One clinical study* proved that sonically cleansed skin showed a 61% better treatment absorption rate than the skin that was manually cleansed.

At the same time, the Opal Infusion System utilises gentle sonic micro massage movements to help anti-ageing actives absorb beneath the skin's surface to hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What Clean Means

Day and night, the skin is subject to oil, perspiration, debris, makeup, and environmental pollutants. These combine to make a sticky, stubborn pore-clogging film that can make the skin look unhealthy, feel rough, and become irritated, while acting as a barrier to skincare products. Sonic Cleansing achieves a pristine clean by cleansing 6x better than manual cleansing alone.

Younger Looking Eyes Faster

Now there is a Sonic Method for accelerating the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles far beyond the capabilities of topical treatments alone. Opal® Infusion boosts the absorption of anti-ageing serum to achieve younger-looking eyes faster.


What is your main skin concern? Learn how the Clarisonic Sonic Method benefits you.


1. Fine lines & wrinkles

  • Sonic Cleansing creates smoother, softer skin
  • Sonic Cleansing primes the skin to be more receptive to anti-ageing treatments
  • Opal Sonic Infusion reduces the appearance of fine lines wrinkles around the eye contour

2. Enlarged pores & excess oil

  • Sonic Cleansing gently oscillates back and forth to physically flex the pores, loosening trapped debris and reducing pore appearance
  • Sonic Cleansing efficiently removes excess oily patches and shine for a supersonic deep clean without irritation
  • Sonic Cleansing is gentle yet powerful enough for twice daily cleansing

3. Rough surface, uneven texture

  • Sonic Cleansing reduces dry, rough patches on face and body for a smoother, softer look and feel
  • Sonic Cleansing increases the absorption of refining skincare products
  • Opal Sonic Infusion treats the delicate skin around the eye contour and softens the appearance of uneven texture and wrinkles

4. Dullness, lack of radiance

  • With twice-daily use Sonic Cleansing reveals skin's natural healthy radiance
  • Sonic Cleansing primes face and body for brightening skincare products
  • Opal Sonic Infusion immediately hydrates and brightens tyred looking eyes

5. Acne-prone, frequent blemishes

  1. Sonic Cleansing unplugs the pore and dissolves pore-clogging oils and debris that cause skin imperfections
  2. Sonic Cleansing is powerful yet gentle for compromised skin
  3. Sonic Cleansing enhances absorption of acne skincare treatments and topicals

6. Loss of firmness & elasticity

  • Sonic Cleansing primes face and body for firming skincare products
  • Sonic Infusion enhances serum absorption for an eye area that looks immediately hydrated and creates a smoother canvas for makeup
  • See noticeably firmer skin after using Opal Sonic Infusion for 4 weeks