Smart ProfileProfessional Exclusive

Smarter, Easier, More Powerful

RE-IMAGINED for a smarter, more customizable cleanse.

RE-DESIGNED with a more intuitive user interface for easier use.

RE-ENGINEERED for superior results and extended usage.

Smarter Cleansing

Engineered to adjust to different skin needs.


Smart Profile is enabled with RFID technology, allowing the brush head to communicate directly to the device. The Smart Brush Head automatically engages specific protocols to adjust timing and power for an optimal, customized sonic cleanse.

Easier Usage

Visual indicators that make sense.

Smart Profile is designed with a simple, user-friendly interface that helps optimize the cleansing experience.

More Powerful Results

Smart Profile is optimized to achieve superior results for total skin transformation.

The turbo function on the Smart Profile device allows the user to temporarily increase the cleansing power of the device in order to obtain a more targeted cleanse at any point throughout the cleansing cycle. Simply press and hold the button for as long as the added boost is needed. Turbo is available on any speed or during any protocol.

Smart Brush Heads

A unique feature of the Smart Profile device is that it includes smart brush heads, which are individually programmed with protocols that automatically engage when the device is powered on. A smart brush head can be recognized by the �smart� indicator that illuminates when it is attached to the device and running in smart mode.

Clarisonic now also offers RFID standard brush heads exclusively for sale by skincare professionals.

Smart Profile is compatible with every brush head Clarisonic offers. The below outlines the other types of brush heads offered in addition to the smart brush heads already mentioned.

Brush Heads


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Smart Profile is sold exclusively by physicians and spas. If you'd like to learn more, please email us or call 1-888-525-2747 and select option 1.